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Alta Solomon

I am a confident and highly organised administrative professional with over 20 year’s experience and a strong track record within the Financial Services and Investment Management industry. I have excellent interpersonal skills, demonstrated by different techniques, with extensive experience in communicating with my clients and anyone who I come across in my journey. I am performance-driven and constantly assess my progress against predefined goals, always striving to push myself further each day. I operate effectively independently and without supervision, performing administrative tasks while prioritisation and time management is key.

My business exists to offer efficient and quality assistance to help small business leaders to focus on the things that really matter. Period.

My business principle is based on excellence. I believe there is no task too small that does not require my full attention and professionalism, this makes me an investment that any business cannot do without.

I am ready to help change the way you spend your time and strive to help you to live a more balanced life. This offering will help you save time, money and the number of hours you work in your business.

Reach out to me if this is something your business needs.

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Things About Me You Need To Know

  • I'm extremely driven

  • Passionate about business

  • Highly efficient

  • 20 years of corporate experience

  • Innovative

  • Organised

  • Have great interpersonal skills

  • Accountable

This is For You If

You find yourself floundering in the day, not knowing what to do first because absolutely everything is urgent, but you just cannot get through it all. After all, you are just one person. That is where I come in. I assist you with all the things you just do not have time for so that your day can regain structure, freedom and work-life balance.

You have lost balance in your life and business. You are questioning why you left corporate to work 18-hour days and you are absolutely exhausted. It’s time to relinquish some of the control of your business to a professional that is more than capable of helping you manage your business and administration.

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