Does Your Business Need to Make the Shift to Hiring a VA?

Altas VA Solutions

As you may have noticed more and more businesses are hiring a virtual assistant as opposed to a personal assistant. This has become more of a priority since 2020 when the COVID19 pandemic started. Remote working has become the norm – also for assistants – and a virtual assistant can work completely online. So does your business need to hire a virtual assistant? Let’s find out.

1) Assess your current situation

Did you have to let some employees go during the tough economic situation? Unfortunately, many business owners had to make this tough decision to save on costs and liabilities. If you now find yourself without the support, you used to have then I am sure that your business is feeling the pressure. Maybe it’s time to start outsourcing the areas of your business you are battling to attend to by hiring a Virtual Assistant.

A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor who can assist you every month for the number of hours you require help with. A Virtual Assistant works completely remotely and takes care of her own entire setup, business costs and taxes. This makes your responsibility to a Virtual Assistant extremely low, besides making the payment for her services, which is perfect for a business not looking to get into employee costs and responsibilities.

2) Make a decision about what tasks you need help with

Perhaps you are in a situation where you are not even sure any longer as to what tasks are falling behind or what you cannot even attend to. If that is the case, I am here to help you. Have a look at my services page for a list of administrative and secretarial tasks that a Virtual Assistant can handle for you. Once you have an idea of what tasks you would like to delegate, then it’s time to decide how many hours you would like this assistance for per month.

3) Virtual Assistant pricing

You get all sorts of Virtual Assistant pricing out there but remember cheaper is not always better. You pay for quality! If you consider that hiring a Personal Assistant will cost you approximately R20k-R50k per month, this may or may not include benefits like medical aid, pension, taxes, or annual leave, which is quite a large responsibility for a small business. This is besides the fact that you have to equip your Personal Assistant in an office space and provide all of the equipment.

When you hire a Virtual Assistant, you only pay for the hours she works for you. Personally, I make my clients lives easier by offering retainer packages. This way they can select which option would best fit their needs, but remember a Virtual Assistant is already fully equipped and works from her own location, this means she has already taken care of all her own costs, so this is a massive saving for you.

4) How a Virtual Assistant can help you achieve your business goals

If you are overwhelmed in your business currently, which is most likely your case, it could be because you are spending time IN your business as opposed to working ON your business. Unfortunately, this is the case for most entrepreneurs, you are a “Jack or Jill of All Trades”, you have to be if you want to make your business venture work. The issue with this is that you are going to run into some difficulty trying to manage everything on your own. It is extremely exhausting to oversee everything and still maintain a healthy work-life balance. With a Virtual Assistant on your team, she can help you with the entire business administration function. This leaves you with plenty of free time to focus on the areas that you feel will grow your business exponentially. Trust me, a Virtual Assistant is the answer you have been searching for.

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